Over 70 available Safety & Security features.

Blind Spot Monitoring+

Blind Spot Monitoring+ (BSM) system employs dual radar sensors to check driver blind spots and constantly monitors the space between your Jeep® Grand Cherokee and vehicles on either side. When the system detects a vehicle that is too close, an audible chime will sound and an illuminated icon will appear on the exterior view mirrors to alert you.

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ParkView® Rear
Back Up Camera

The new ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera+ with the ParkSense® Front and Rear Park Assist System+ alerts you to possible obstacles, helping to make parking and backing out easier. The camera displays a rearview video image with dynamic distance grid lines when in reverse. During parking and other similar maneuvers, these systems help bring previously hidden front and rear objects to your attention and provides you with an audible warning that helps give you time to react.

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Available accident avoidance systems

Even the most attentive drivers will appreciate these warning systems. Approach another object too rapidly and Forward Collision Warning+ (FCW) with Crash Mitigation alerts you with an audible and visual warning and automatically engages the brakes if a collision is imminent. The Adaptive Cruise Control+ (ACC) automatically adjusts cruising speed to maintain a preset distance between you and vehicles in front of you.

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Safe, secure and
in control

A network of safety and security sensors helps maintain vehicle directional control and provide assistance automatically when they sense divergence from your intended path. Electronic Stability Control+ (ESC) coordinates Electronic Roll Mitigation+ (ERM), the Antilock Brake System (ABS), and All-speed Traction Control, sending each system into action when wheel slippage is detected.

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Keyless Enter 'n Go

Keyless Enter 'n Go allows you to unlock the vehicle by touching the front door handles when the key fob is on your person. Once inside, you just step on the brake pedal and press the START/STOP button to start the engine. A Sentry Key® antitheft engine immobilizer also makes it virtually impossible for anyone without a valid key to drive your vehicle.

Other safety and security features include:

  • The Remote Vehicle Start System
  • The Security Alarm System

Feature Availability 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Keyless Entry