A rugged and majestic exterior.

The upside
of luxury

The rear of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee offers new taillamps that are larger and feature signature LED lighting. The aerodynamic spoiler is larger. The tailgate has been resculpted for greater visibility through the rear window and the lower fascia is now model-specific with available dual exhaust tips. A new capless fuel fill and available power liftgate help provide added simplicity and convenience. Additionally, the Grand Cherokee Summit comes with an integrated hitch cover for times when the hitch is not needed.

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Wheels and tyres

Made for epic on- and off-road+ performance, the Grand Cherokee is capable, all the way down to its wheels and tyres. Along with a standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

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The right lights to lead the way.

Smart. Bright.

Enjoy new headlamp systems. Bi-xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps help provide clear, bright lighting. Adaptive forward lighting swivels the headlamps in tandem with the direction of the steering wheel, so you can see around a corner before you complete the turn. Adaptive Automatic High Beam Control adjusts the high beams automatically, based on ambient light and oncoming traffic – to help prevent oncoming driver “blinding”. Once you turn the high beams on, the system will dim them when necessary. LED daytime running lamps, premium fog lamps and headlamp washers are also available.

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Forward Lighting System

The new adaptive forward lighting headlamps adjust up to 15 degrees to help illuminate winding roads at night. These high-tech headlamps follow the steering wheel based on speed and steering angle to help you see what's up ahead. High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps also assist the forward lighting feature and provide excellent lighting and long lamp life.

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